About Us

Levant Consulting is a specialized management and investment consulting firm in the field economic development, competitiveness, free enterprise, trade liberalization for the tourism, travel, hospitality and leisure industries and supporting infrastructure and services.


We are focused on serving the Middle East region and in particular the GCC countries as engines of world economic growth, stability and prosperity. Levant has established alliances with local and global strategic partners to best serve our valued clients’ needs.

Levant major focus is on key engines economic growth sectors in the region.

  • Tourism, travel and hospitality.
  • Healthcare and wellness services
  • Transport and mobility
  • Energy and resources management
  • Stabilization and governance


As a specialized consulting firm in project development Levant specializes in economic growth strategies, capacity building, feasibility and market studies, investment business plans, family business expansion, public private partnerships, ventures, incorporation and private investment initiatives.

We have a specialized team of consultants and experts covering the main areas of management, investment consulting and capacity building of the engines and catalysts of economic growth in the region:

  • Public Private Partnership
  • Enterprise and international trade
  • Trade liberalization and investment
  • Investment promotion and development
  • Local and regional economic development
  • Work force and local communities development
  • Economic growth enabling environment and legal reforms
  • Institutional and regulatory capacity building
  • Urban planning and development