Ramzi Maaytah

Managing Partner and Founder, Levant Consulting

Mr. Ramzi Maaytah is a specialist in tourism, economic growth development, international trade, public finance, competitiveness and investment. Formerly he served Project Manager at the Economic Growth Office of USAID, designing, managing and supervising a series of major economic growth projects in the sectors of tourism, local and regional development, rural development, protected areas and eco-tourism. This included USAID Jordan tourism development projects, a USD$40 million economic growth project portfolio through tourism, for example delivered Jordan National Tourism Development Strategy for 2005-2015 which increased tourism receipts and contribution to the GDP from 6% to 10% and created 25,000 direct jobs and increased women participation in the workforce to nearly 30%.

Prior, he was advisor to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Deputy Director of the World Bank-AFD Regional & Local Development Project. He also served as the Investment Adviser to the Mayor of Greater Amman Municipality and Head of the Investment Unit, where his achievements included the investment component of Amman Master Plan, tourism enabling projects, key PPP projects, and the city development strategy (CDS) for the next 20 years.

Ramzi served as CEO & board member of several companies’ i.e. tourism services joint venture concession, renewable energy and public transport. He is also honorary member of many development societies and charities. He holds a M.Sc. (with honors) from Arizona State University in agri-business and Resource Management, and a B.Sc. in Ag-economics from the University of Jordan. He also attended several courses at USAID, World Bank, UKTI and Austrade. Mr. Ramzi has led many tourism and economic development consulting projects and advisory assignments in Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, Yemen, Palestinian territories, Iraq, UK, Australia and Spain. He is an expert of in trade development and creating an enabling environment for inbound and outbound investment in tourism, transport and hospitality where he served in trade and investment development expert with UK Trade & Investment and the Australian Trade Commission.