Rana Hijawi

Partner, Project Management

Ms. Rana Hijjawi, projects manager and partner is an expert focused on hundred percent on hotels, tourism and leisure project development. With over twenty international hotels and resorts development projects, she brings both international experience and local knowledge that gives us, and our clients, a unique advantage.

Ms. Hijjawi is an expert in hotel, integrated tourism complexes and resorts project development from concept to operation. She managed and supervised the development of major resorts, hotels and leisure destinations in Jordan, Lebanon and UAE.

With her civil engineering background and cross cutting planning and architectural experience, Ms. Hijjawi brings a vast knowledge in the enabling environment for hotel development, zoning and master planning while adding value to the hospitality business model and leisure product mix that fits the Middle East culture and heritage and surrounding environment. Ms. Hijawi is an expert in bringing anchor project developers and strategic partners for successful operation and asset management. She led many strategic tourism and hospitality anchor projects that led to develop the destinations tourism infrastructure and used many innovative tools such as PPP and concessions to enable tourism nodes and clusters in emerging tourism and free zone destinations. She also led many local supply chain development projects that strengthened local private sector suppliers and service providers. Rana is an active member of many ara business women societies and organization and advocate of greater participation of women in the workforce and enterpreuership of the Arab world.