Tourism destination management and promotion

Levant consulting is specialized in offering tailored advisory services to Destination Management Organizations and Tourism promotion institutions and authorities in the Middle East region. Project s and reference include

  • Institutionalization and capacity building of tourism promotion agencies and destination management companies or organizations in partnership with the private sector
  • Product and experiences development plans
  • Enabling private sector consultative frameworks and industry associations to strengthen supply and demand chain for tourism product and international marketing development.
  • Establish and identify tourism promotion marketing channels and partners i.e. market based representatives, associations, affiliation and alliances.
  • Online and B2B and B2C tourism promotion, marketing and product development for public promotion agencies and private industry in bound tour operators.
  • Develop tourism, hospitality products and experiences investment master plans and portfolios
  • Training, education and capacity building for tourism destination management organization and promotion agencies
  • Develop enabling environment and creative business processes to strengthen destination competitiveness.
  • Risk management strategies of tourism promotion and marketing in regions affected by regional conflicts and negative perceptions.
  • Creating a tourism investment and development strategies at local and regional level i.e. cities, regions and governorates.